• Rebecca Gerdes


There’s one skill that everyone, no matter their role, needs to master: Listening.

The most effective marketers are exceptional listeners. They recognize the human emotions behind peoples’ words and use this insight to create products people love; as well as advertising and marketing that feels authentic, has real meaning to the audience, and resonates with their hopes, fears, and desires.

Some of the best ways to be a better listener?

1. Take Your Time

If you really want to succeed, you need to build in the time and budget upfront to gather input from the client, customer, and prospect.

2. Know the Lingo

If you want prospects to relate to your marketing messages, you need to know the terms and phrases they use when talking about their needs and your product.

3. Listen with Your Eyes and Ears

People reveal a great deal with their body language when they talk. They lean in, make direct eye contact, and use their hands to emphasize their points. Watch carefully and notice the details; see what makes their eyes light up.

4. Take Careful Notes

Relying on your memory can be dangerous. It’s too easy to remember what you think someone said, not what they actually said.

5. Ask Thought Provoking Questions

Make questions open-ended so people can use their own words with more probing queries that help you understand the motivations that drive behavior.

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