From Verbal to Visual: The Great Communication Shift

When it comes to ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors, visual aesthetics have never been more important. Over the last decade, communication has greatly shifted from a verbal art to a visual art. I think this has happened for a few different reasons:

  1. Social Media -- Social media has changed the communication game with its emphasis on human interaction. Humans respond to things with which they can relate. Whether that is another human, a love of food, a desire for a certain way of life, etc., they respond to things that appeal to them in some way, shape, or form. This occasionally happens on social media through strictly verbal communication, but visual communication leads the way on most social platforms. Photos and videos get more traffic on social platforms than anything else, because people are drawn and relate to what they can see.

  2. Technological Advances -- This one is obvious. Technology has become more advanced, accessible, and user friendly. Producing and sharing quality content has never been easier. From smartphone cameras to mobile editing software, technology has changed the game of communication.

  3. The Truth Generation -- Millennials and Gen Z-ers are known for their no-nonsense ability to sniff out the truth, the whole truth and nothing-but-the-truth. In fact, they are terribly put off by anything that they deem deceptive or manipulative. When communicating verbally, it is easy to frame your wording or information to make sure you are communicating what you want to communicate. But when photos or videos are involved, the truth becomes more obvious. If someone is trying to sell a chair that is used, but in good condition, you are probably going to be more likely to purchase said chair upon seeing photographic proof of its true condition. Your target audiences are saying the same thing. They hear what you're saying, but they want to see proof. For this reason, visual and verbal communication are stronger together.

So what does this mean for your business? High quality, professional photos and videos are SO important. And being able to take a simple photo isn't enough. When we produce commercial photography, we strive to tell a story through the photos. Your photos and videos have to relay your key messages as clearly and effectively as the copy that accompanies them.

What story are you telling with your photos? What is your audience taking away from the visuals you are presenting? Want help with your commercial photography/videography? Send us a message. We would love to chat with you.

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