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Don’t Forget to Use Social Media During the Holidays

The holidays allow businesses to show a more personal side of their organization. Social media traffic increases by over 70% during the holiday season. So this year, as you go into the holiday season, use social media as a way to make more meaningful connections with your customers, clients, and patients.

But don’t stop there!

There are a lot of elements that go into creating a stellar holiday customer experience.

Update your Profile and Cover Photos!

While this may seem obvious, it’s often overlooked for something else. In reality, this is one of the easiest ways to appeal to your audience’s emotional ties to the holiday season! Better yet, it’s FUN, and right now, more than ever, everyone is looking for fun on social media sites!

Use Video!

Fifty percent of people search for a product video before they visit an online store or your website.

Ninety-two percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

So, using video ads during the holidays is a must. In fact, using video for your social media ads all year is a good idea.

Focus on Helpful Content!

The following ideas are helpful content that can be festive very simply!

1. Cooking. Many people are cooking for a large group for the first time. Or they might be cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen. Culinary help during the holidays is always appreciated.

2. Traveling. Anything you can do to make traveling to visit family easier will be a hit.

3. Gift giving. If you know a great, subtle way to find out what people really want, please share it. Customer service departments around the world will thank you.

4. Fashion. Holiday fashion is essential to a lot of people. But even simple things like how to tie a tie can be beneficial for the guys who are meeting new family members for the first time.

5. Winter/summer survival. In both hemispheres, Christmas hits during the most extreme time of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, people are in the depths of winter. Down south, everyone is sweating as they wait for Santa. So, whether you help people warm-up or cool down, you’re going to be popular with someone.

So there it is.

Social media advertising during the holidays is pretty straightforward and a HO-HO-WHOLE lot of fun!

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