5 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Brand From Bed

Who doesn’t want to stay in bed AND help their business at the same time? Sounds like a no-brainer. Here are five positive things you can do from your bed to propel your brand.


1. Research - New business owners should ALWAYS be researching, whether it’s new marketing tactics, creative social media elements, or researching their target demographic.


2. Engagement - This one is self-explanatory. Waking up and scrolling through social media is something everyone can relate to. Instead of just scrolling, take this time to actually engage with your followers.


3. Scheduling/To-Do Lists - Something I love doing in the morning while I’m still in bed is thinking of everything I have to do for the day and writing it all down. This helps me take action and stay organized. I can even add tasks or meetings to my calendar.

4. Posting - I’m seriously posting this from my bed right now. Unprofessional? Maybe. But no one would know! Luckily, I have all my posts planned out, so it’s super easy to do!

5. Checking Insights - When I’m in bed and happen to be on my phone, I like to check in on our insights. It’s super easy to open a social media post and check its insights or open website analytics to see how we’re progressing for the day. Then, if our insights aren’t going as planned, we can take action!

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